My honey become solid, is it pure honey ?

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My Honey Has Become Solid; Is It Pure Honey?

Real, raw honey is always solid or crystallizes. It occurs when the natural sugars in the pure organic honey( glucose and fructose) bind together and begin to form tiny crystals, which makes it harder (primarily in winters or cool places), and the rate of hardening solely depends on its floral source. In the case of adulterated and chemically processed honey, the inherent properties of natural honey also get washed away. Unprocessed and unpasteurized means that the authentic and beneficial properties of the honey are firmly intact.

Is crystallization of honey natural?

crystallization of honey is natural process

Some beekeepers produce honey, which may also contain a lot of honey dew (or sugar syrup), which prevents honey crystallization, which is a real indication of adulterated honey.

The crystallization of honey is a perfectly natural process, and many people assume that the honey has been adulterated or “spoiled,” when in fact it is quite the opposite and very easy to fix.

So next time, if you find your honey has hardened or crystallized, simply put the honey bottle in warm water and gently stir well until all of the crystals have dissolved (never ever heat it directly).  This process can be repeated as and when required However, make sure that the temperature of the honey doesn’t exceed 37 °C (body temperature); otherwise, it will start to kill off the beneficial living nutrients in the raw honey.

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