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Why Honey is good for kids? Benefits & Precautions

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Organic Honey, extracted from nectar, is one of nature’s best gifts and can enrich a child’s health in many miraculous ways. Giving pure natural honey to your child is an excellent way to start living a healthy life.  People have been using raw wild forest honey in traditional medicines for many years.

Raw Honey is a powerhouse of many natural vitamins and minerals. Above all, its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties make it nothing less than natural medicine. Pure honey fuels our metabolism, boosts our energy, and enhances immunity, which is why honey for children is a superb source of nourishment.

When Can a Child Have Honey? Although raw honey has remarkable medicinal properties that can really help us, it is not meant for infants or babies who are less than two years old. They might contract bacteria that cause infant botulism. Local honey comes from a higher risk of pollen allergy and commercial honey commonly contains pesticides and other chemicals

Health Benefits of Organic Raw Honey for Kids:

Benefits of Raw Honeys for Kids

Health Benefits of Raw Honey for Kids

Kids-Friendly Snacks Made With Honey

  1. Spread on bread toast or grilled bread or put it on waffles on pancakes for breakfast.
  2. Blend into smoothies, Milk to enhance the taste of the drink.
  3. Slice up any fruit and serve it alongside this tasty Honey Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip
  4. Honey Peanut Bars are the perfect grab-and-go treat.

Precautions to Take While Giving Honey to Your Child

  1. Not for Infants or babies less than two years old: So Be Aware of Infant Botulism
  2. Use honey once or twice a day and not as a part of every meal. Overdose is not ideal
  3. Adding honey to anything hot can be dangerous. (use lukewarm water or milk.)
  4. Avoid commercial honey & honey with added preservatives or sugar.
  5. Honey should always be stored in a cool and dark place.
  6. After consuming, check if your child is allergic to honey or not.

Pure Raw Honey is an amazing natural food that has numerous benefits to kids. Organic Honey has been connected to many health benefits like improved heart health, boost immunity, wound healing, blood antioxidant status, etc. Thus, it is best to buy the best natural raw honey or jaggery powder to replace sugar and enjoy it in moderation by Puro Miles.

Thanks to the hard work of pollinating bees to make multi-floral HONEY, natural sweeteners.

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  1. Thanks.really helpful to my kids. I aways search to read the quality content and finally I found this in your post. I also tried your PuroMiles honey and My kids love it.

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