Puro Miles

About Puro Miles

The brand is founded by a seasoned MBA professional with over 13 years of corporate exposure, one who is also a loving mother who struggled to find authentic and natural products for her family to live a healthy life. With a leap of faith, she bid farewell to her corporate career and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship. Inspired by her love for nature and a desire to promote healthy living, she sets out to create a line of traditional and natural products that celebrate the earth’s abundance.

The foundation of our brand is built on the faith and trust of a mother, backed by genuine, cruelty-free sourcing and thorough lab testing of all the products. The founder trusts her belief that if she can use all the products in her own family, then she will allow their usage by consumers.


The founder’s journey was more than just selling traditional products; it was about building a community based on shared values of sustainability, wellness, and compassion. Through workshops, seminars, and educational programs, our brand continuously empowered others to embrace a more mindful way of living that honored the earth and nourished the body and soul.


I am a seasoned MBA Professional with over 13 years of experience in Corporate HR functions, Education Industry & Digital Marketing.

Our Vision

The brand vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem involving farmers, artisans, and consumers to create a healthy society.

Our Mission

To bring trust and assurance among people, that our rich culture and ancient best practices of food processing can give a better, healthier, and wholesome life.

Our Commitment