Prosperous Foods to Buy on Akshaya Tritiya for Good Fortune

food buy on akshaya tritiya

"Prosperous Foods to Buy on Akshaya Tritiya for Good Fortune"

Akshaya Tritiya, celebrated predominantly by the Hindu and Jain communities, is considered one of the most auspicious days in the Indian calendar. Traditionally associated with buying gold for luck and prosperity, there is more to this festival than just splurging on precious metals. In fact, certain foods like desi cow ghee, rice, turmeic and rocksalt etc, believed to attract wealth and prosperity, are also bought and consumed on this day. Sharing unique Akshaya Tritiya Shopping Ideas Beyond Gold: Explore Top Alternatives. Here’s a guide to some key items you might consider purchasing this Akshaya Tritiya to invite good fortune into your home through the culinary route.

Explore Top Food Buys for Akshaya Tritiya: Celebrate with Flavor & Tradition

1. Rice – The Symbol of Abundance

Rice is a staple in most Indian households and holds a significant place in rituals and celebrations. Buying rice on Akshaya Tritiya is considered auspicious as it is thought to ensure food security and prosperity for the family. Rice symbolizes fertility and wealth, and purchasing it on this day is believed to multiply your blessings manifold.


2. Desi Cow Ghee – For Purification and Growth

Desi Cow Ghee is deeply ingrained in Indian cooking and ceremonial practices. Buying Cow ghee on Akshaya Tritiya is considered very auspicious. It is not only used in cooking but also in rituals like lighting lamps and making offerings. A2 Ghee symbolizes purity and the nurturing of health and prosperity in the house hold. Desi Cow Ghee  brings positive energy and good luck to your life and home. 

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3. Turmeric – The Golden Spice of Prosperity

Turmeric is another essential item to consider buying on this auspicious day. Known for its healing and purifying properties, turmeric plays a crucial role in rituals and cooking. It is believed to bring good health, purity, and prosperity to those who use it in their homes.


4. Rock Salt (sendha namak) – To Ward Off Negativity

While lesser known, purchasing rocksalt on Akshaya Tritiya has its roots in Vedic traditions, where rocksalt is believed to ward off evil spirits and negativity. Sendha namak symbolizes the addition of flavor to life and the repelling of negative energies. Ancestors are happy when people purchase rocksalt on this day. 

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2. Sweets – The Essence of Celebration

Sweets, particularly those made from milk and desi cow ghee are another must-buy during Akshaya Tritiya. Consuming and sharing sweets like kheer (a rice and milk pudding), ladoos, and barfi are common as they signify the sweetening of one’s fortunes and the spreading of joy and prosperity among loved ones.


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