Which one is better ? Rock Salt or Regular Table Salt

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Salt is one of the oldest and most widely used seasonings. Most people aren’t conscious of the variability of salts that are available within the market, like Table salt, Rock salt, Sea salt, black salt, Kosalt, Low sodium salt, etc. Most of us use table salt daily, but many believe that rock salt is a healthier choice.

But why? Let us find out which is better, rock salt or regular table salt.

What is Rock salt?
Himalayan Rock salt
is obtained in the form of rocks. It is mined from salt mountains in the form of large rocks which are then crushed into different sizes consistent with the requirements. It is also popularly referred to as pink salt, Himalayan salt, natural salt, or Khewra salt.

What is Regular salt?
The most common salt that’s used, table salt or regular salt, often known as Iodised salt, is the most easily available type of salt. It is harvested from salt deposits found underground. It is refined and finely ground, and most impurities and trace minerals are removed in the refining process.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Which has more nutrients?
Pink salt has more minerals compared to regular salt as during the refining process it loses calcium, potassium, etc. Table salt does have more iodine content than rock salt, which helps prevent goiter, a disease due to iodine deficiency.

Which Is Better?

  • Regular salt is 99% NaCl but Rock salt is 98% NaCl the remaining 2% is composed of more than 80 trace minerals and elements. These minerals include iron, calcium, potassium, sodium. Zinc and many more.
  • Regular salt is treated with additives and chemicals such as anti-caking agents and is refined to remove impurities. Natural salt on the other hand does not undergo this process.
  • Regular salt has a pure white color due to all the bleaching and processing it goes through. Whereas, Rock salt has a natural pink color which is due to the trace minerals in it.
  • Natural salt may be a more sensible choice because the source of origin makes this rock salt safe from environmental pollutants due to which it does not require any bleaching like table salt.
  • This Himalayan Pink salt is mineral-rich salt that is extremely beneficial for healthy well-being and can be used to fulfill the mineral requirement of the body.

When used for cooking purposes, it gives a rich flavor to the food, that is why many contemporary culinary experts prefer rock salt over table salt. When used in the warm water bath it can detox the skin and improve its texture.

A pinch of salt can make or break a dish.  

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So what do you think? Which one is better? Rock Salt or white salt? Comment below and try puromiles. Rock Salt: The way towards good health

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  1. Rocksalt is better one. Thanks for sharing information. Really helpful.

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