A2 Desi Cow Ghee Benefits (A golden health supplement)

Puromiles cow ghee_golden health supplement

A2 Desi Cow Ghee Benefits (A Golden Health Supplement)

A2 desi cow ghee, a treasure trove of health benefits?  Do diseases like constipation, blockage in the heart, dryness in the skin, and migraine bother you? Do you also think that consuming ghee will further increase your weight and heart troubles?  Desi Cow Ghee is a solution to all your problems. it not only helps you lose weight but also helps to get rid of many chronic diseases. Yes, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is really a golden health supplement and solution to all your health troubles.

Ayurvedic cow ghee is widely known as an immunity booster and is known to have innumerable properties. It cleanses the body and makes it strong from the inside.

Following are some key benefits of A2 Ghee:

A2 cow ghee natural immunity booster
A2 Cow Ghee Natural Immunity Booster


 Immunity Booster:

Eating a teaspoon of Desi ghee with turmeric milk daily in the morning helps boost immunity. Consuming jaggery and Vedic bilona ghee every day after lunch will also boost immunity.  Bilona ghee is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins; it protects the body from numerous infections.

Ayurvedic ghee help weight loss
A2 Ghee for Weight Loss


Weight Loss:

If you want to work on your weight loss, you should drink 1 teaspoon of Ayurvedic ghee mixed with hot water every morning regularly. A2 ghee contains omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, which reduce fat levels and ease reshaping your body.

Puro Miles Ghee Energy Booster
Pure Desi Cow Ghee for Energy and Immunity Booster


Energy Booster:

Mixing one teaspoon of desi cow ghee and one teaspoon of raw sugar (Desi Khand) in a glass of lukewarm milk alleviates physical and mental weakness and keeps the mind healthy. If desi ghee is applied to the navel regularly, it acts as an anti-aging source and increases bone density.

Puro Miles A2 ghee Improve Digestion
A2 cow ghee to improve Gut Health


Improve Digestion:

The constipation problem is very common nowadays, across all ages. If you drink one-to-two teaspoons of pure cow ghee in a cup of warm milk before sleep, then you will be able to get rid of constipation because ghee helps in acid secretion in the stomach, which helps in the digestion of food very easily.

Puro Miles Desi ghee helps in Migraine Headache Desi Ghee is Ayurvedic Migraine healer


Migraine (Headache):

The problem of migraine can be cured by putting lukewarm ayurvedic ghee in both nostrils twice daily.

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Vedic Bilona Cow Ghee
Puro Mile A2 Vedic Bilona Desi Cow Ghee(Curd Churned)
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Puro Miles Desi A2 Cow Ghee

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  1. Simply love the Puromiles desi ghee

  2. Trustworthy with delicious taste.
    I have tried different Desi ghee of other brand but my mom and I never satisfied. This is the ghee we are looking for long time.
    Pure and Desi taste

  3. Informative blog.
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  4. Informative blog.
    Very nice

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