7 Remarkable Benefits of Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt

Benefits of Himalayan Mineral Rock salt

7 Remarkable Benefits of Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt

Which has more nutrients? No prizes for estimating, the unprocessed form i.e. Himalayan mineral rock salt has more minerals compared to table salt as during the purifying process it loses calcium, potassium, etc

If your rings, bangles, or anklets are feeling a little tight, your feet feel swollen or you have puffy eyes or you feel bloated in the morning, you’re undoubtedly eating excessive white salt. Eating extreme salt could lead to swelling in different parts of the body. The swelling can be felt on the fingers, hands, face, feet, legs, and around the ankles.

Is table salt harmful to humans?

Consuming too much regular salt could raise blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease and cause fluid retention which can lead to gout, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Now time to change your table salt with pink salt alt also called Himalayan Salt (Sendha Namak)

Major Himalayan Pink Rock Salt found in Khewra Salt Mines, Punjab province of Pakistan.

Benefits of Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt 

The lower sodium content in pink salt and black salt is the main benefit that makes them a healthier option than white salt. This holds especially right for people with hypertension, kidney disorders, & heart diseases. Following are the remarkable health benefits-

  1. Rock Salt contains 84 minerals including calcium, chloride, sodium, and zinc.

  2. It can balance our body’s pH 

  3. It keeps electrolyte balance in the body

  4. It keeps the body hydrated.

  5. Provide Natural Trace Minerals 

  6.  Helps Manage Muscles Cramps And Nerves

  7. Aids Digestion

Use of Himalayan Mineral Rock saltHow to Use Sendha Namak_Pink Rock Salt?

Daily Cooking: Use in cooking day-to-day life for good health.

Skin Allergy: With organic rock salt, enjoy a body spa.. Add ½-1 teaspoon of Pink salt to a bucket full of water. This water helps to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis and allergic conditions of the skin.

Warm Compress: Use Rock Salt water for warm compress to manage swelling and pain in the affected area (twice a day).

Control BP: It helps steady blood pressure by maintaining a high and low blood pressure balance.

Sore Throat: Gargling with Pink Saltwater provides relief against sore throat, dry cough, and tonsils.

Steam Inhaler: Use Himalayan salt water for a steam inhaler, it opens up the nasal pipe and works as a decongestant.

Mineral Salt Water for Motions: Take 1-2 glasses of warm mineral salt water daily empty stomach in the early morning empty stomach improves bowel cleaning problems.

For Himalayan, Mineral Rock Salt has come out as an exceptional substitute to regular salt, because it is considered the Best Mineral Pink Salt in Ayurveda and is less demanding for the body to consume. Therefore, Sendha Namak mineral salts are free from any chemicals and can add flavor and health to your meals! Thus, even if it comes at a higher price, pink salt is better,  an uncommon and exciting product with numerous health benefits.

Take a pinch full of healthy Puro Miles Pink Rock Salt, with natural trace minerals, the goodness of Iodine and Iron & a way towards good health.  Consume it at an appropriate level and stay healthy.

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