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    Handmade Neem And Aloe Vera Natural Soap

    At Puromiles we envision the dream of providing 100% natural, traditional and chemical-free products to our customers and encourage people to embrace purity and live extra miles in life.

    Our Purifying handmade neem and aloe vera natural soap are suitable for all skin types, the goodness of neem kills germs, and bacteria and avoids acne, aloe vera helps in avoiding itching and dryness by keeping the skin hydrated and cool, the unique combination of neem, aloe vera, and essential oils give a rejuvenating feel that lasts the entire day.

    * Neem and Aloe vera soap Suitable for all skin types/External use only

    * Presences of natural essential oils or other ingredients may cause allergic reactions in some odd individuals, discard the usage immediately if found allergic.

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